Saturday, August 25, 2007

9 to 5

Well, I got my first paycheck. Just like I thought, it hurts.
I knew it would be less money (really less) but at the same time I think about all the good things that are coming my way with this new job. I look at it as an investment.
Because that is what it really is.
Still hurts, but awell.
This last couple weeks have been so exhausting. Due to the fact I don't have anybody to ask nearby and that the previous person left a huge mess, I feel sometimes overwhelmed and I wonder if I am up to this task. My boss is really happy and she and the department have been really nice and encouraging, but I can help to feel a little frustrated sometimes. The good part is that so far everything has been falling in it's place eventually, and I tell myself all the time, just like a mantra, that these are not problems but opportunities.
We are working on the organization of several events, some of which start in just a couple weeks from now.
Another good thing is the amazing freedom I've experienced with regards to creativity. I get to design a lot of graphic material without having to follow the taste of anybody but me. My boss is really pleased with the result and so are some of the board members that have come accross some of my work. That really makes me happy.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

that job is mine!!!

Yeap, ladies and gentlemen, I got the job!!!

I started on Monday and make no mistake, it's really hard and demanding, but so far I'm enjoying myself.
Besides, I really like my boss. I liked my previous boss as well, but I'm really liking this new one. she is a very prominent woman in our community and she is very important in our State.
I admire her so much!
I really hope things just get better from here on.
Life is good!