Saturday, March 12, 2005

Rainy days

This is one of those weeks that you'd wished to skip.
Everything is going upside down.
On Monday my husband lost his job. Yeah... now we are really poor because the little money he has in his checking account we have to use it to pay the credit card.
I don't earn a good salary so it's getting tough to pay the bills and get the groceries all together.
My husband is looking for a temp job while finding something that he really wants to do in the IT field. I want him to do what he really wants to do and not to waste days of his life doing a job he hates... like I do.
As you can guess, the ideal would be for him to find a job out of Ohio. Hopefully near from a real city. I just want to get out of here!!!
I'm not really sad about the fact he lost his job. I see it as an opportunity to escape from this experiment of town. This is like a trap from where I will never be able to get out.
I've been thinking of going back to my country. I'm so disappointed of USA. It's not what I imagined and people are not what I thought it would be. I haven't seen anything that can impress me and I know is not the place where I want my children to learn values. I want them to learn compassion and that money is not the ruler of your decisions in life. I want them to learn to love their family more than anything in the world.
Don’t get me wrong. There are wonderful people here but the few idiots that can ruin your day seem to stand up on top of everything.
I don’t understand why everybody keeps talking about freedom and liberty. I feel as free of speaking my mind as I was during the years of dictatorship in my own country. I have to be careful with every little word because there is always the possibility of hurting susceptibilities. They talk about values and pro-life and moral, while killing people in the death row and calling to hate homosexuals and anyone that thinks different.
Maybe I just came here in a very bad moment.