Wednesday, January 31, 2007

coming down with a cold

I feel awful today. Yesterday I started feeling sick.
It was my birthday yesterday btw.
So I'm planning on going on a little trip on friday to celebrate shopping for my favorite guilty pleasures, but if this continues this way I don't know if it will be possible.
This is my birthday tradition: getting sick.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In my Language

I found this amazing video thanks to a link from zefrank.
I've always been interested in autism and although I don't know why is this I feel like I have to find a way to understand what does autism really mean.
I have not directly been touched by it by I have a friend whose adoptive son has autism and she is struggling to understand how to communicate with him and how to help him to communicate with us.
When I saw this video I was really taken back. There is way too much that we don't know about autism. We are so used to call it a disease nd the truth is that we are far from really understanding what it really is.
I want to learn. I want to understand.
I asked my friend to watch this video and she said that watching the first part was really hard on her. She could see how her little boy was heading towards the same place. Everyday seemed to her like a regression instead of a progress and she really felt this was very hard to watch. However, the second part helped her to understand better what was really happening and recognize the same reactions on her own son. She said that the second part really made her feel "hopefull".
Thanks silentmiaow for such a wonderful video.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The best food ever

I've been thinking about trying a very old resturant nearby. It's a Basque restaurant that apparently has been around for long long time.
I finally went tonight with my sister and my husband. It was a family style restaurant meaning you have to sit in large tables with other people you don't even know.
We sat with other 4 habituals that taught us about the food we would find and what we should expect. They apparently spend a lot of time there. One of them run a liquor business of some sort and very kindly bought us a drink he thought ( and he was absolutely right) that we would enjoy. It was FUN!!
We talked like we knew each other for years. they told us stories and kept on talking to my sister that tried to keep up as much as she could with her broken english. One of them even offered to set her up with his 40 year old son. I had to decline. He would have to go back to our country to ask for my sister's hand and he had a snowball chance in hell that my mother would allow another daughter to leave her for a foreign land. very flattering offer though. We had the best dinner ever.
The food was unbelievable and it's certainly the best food I've had since I arrived to USA. Besides, I love the idea of passing around the dishes for everyone to eat. The food was light in spite of all the meat and although it consisted of soup, wine, a platter with chicken, another of rabbit, french fries, salad, beans, chesse and ice cream, I came back home feeling as light as when I started my dinner, only I was not hungry anymore. I didn't have that feeling of being stuffed like a turkey. It is the signature of a real homemade dinner.
the company I must say did 70% of the whole experience. It was the best company you could wish. Those guys were funny and very interesting to listen too. some of them with very strong Basque roots.
I will definitely pay another visit as soon as I can.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sin City

What have I been doing lately??
Tons of things.
And nothing much at the same time.
I just came back from a trip to Las Vegas. My first time in Sin City. Really fun. I wish I had more time to spend over there. I got to see Jubilee and all I wanted since then was to be one of those girls. Do you imagine how cool must be to be a very old woman and tell your granchildren that you used to dance naked for an audience and they liked it! I'm sure it would be a very disturbing thought for your grand and greatchildren but I would have fun telling that story thousnads of times.
It was such an amazing and beautiful show. I found myself literally with my mouth opened several times during the performance. I envy them. I would have to be born again to be able to be like them. They were perfect.
My husband and I got to take a picture with them after the show. It was great!
We also found an awesome Italian REstaurant at the Fashion Mall: Maggiano's. Good price and AWESOME food. I mean, I ate it all. The portions are not human but we were starving and everything was so delicious! We couldn't stop ourselves and we even had some place for Tiramisu. It was like tasting heaven.
One thing I got to say about Las Vegas though. People are really not nice. They are mostly rude, unless you are giving them some money they will not be nice to you. My sister was shocked that even in our flight over there the flight attendant, when she couldn't reach for to one of the passenger just threw a bag of peanuts at him from afar. She had never seen such a thing and neither had I. For future reference this was at the Southwest Airlines. DO NOT take that airline. They are awfully packed! I do not know if that is case with all airlines but you barely have space to breath there. Each row of seats consist in 3 narrow seats. I kept hitting and being hit with the elbows. Next time I'm willing to pay more and travel more comfortably. I mean like a human being.
If you ever go to Las Vegas and you are with more than 2 persons take the limousine. A town car will do. Just $40 bucks and they will show you the whole strip before getting to your hotel. My driver was a really sweet and nice girl. She was from Chicago.
There are hotels for all tastes. I chose the Luxor because I thought it would be a fun and exotic, but the truth is that in spite of looking really cool from the outside, inside barely keeps up to your expectations. A very impressive entrance but once you get out of you elevator and start looking for your room you realize the sensation of clausthrophobia that comes over. My room was at the other side of the elevator so I basically had to walk more than Victor Corradine in Kung Fu to get to my room. Also, the elevators are in poor conditions. They keep on opening several times before they decide to stay closed and take you to the floor you ask for.
Anyways, we barely spend anytime at the hotel (thankfully). We visited other hotels. Every one of them is a destination by itself. I must say, my favorites are Paris and the Venetian. Bellagio was beautiful and amazing as well, but who am I kidding, I work for a non-profit and I can't afford that much luxury.
We spent hours at the Venetian and at Paris. It never ends! Fun Fun Fun!!
I walked so much!! It was fun but the day after we came back I wasn't able to make it to work. Beware. You will need at least one day to recover if you go To Las Vegas, because there is no way you can enjoy all the things that amazing place has to offer.
My sister and I are planning to go back and see Tom Jones (believe it or not we are both fans) at the MGM. We'll see.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New 2007

hello punk kitty.jpg
hello punk kitty.jpg,
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This year I started to settle in my new city.
In the beggining I got several jobs and some better than others. It didn't help much in the way of money but they helped me to meet great people that taught me about the place I'm living in now.
After looking and searching for something that could make me happy I landed at my current job. Not a lot in the way of money either but for the first time I was happy after a day at the office. Also I was very lucky to find such a great boss, and now friend.
As a wonderful way to finish my year I got my sister to spend the Holidays with!
There is a lot yet to accomplish in my new place but I feel very confident that things are going in the direction they are supposed to go.
This year I must consolidate myself and start taking over those tasks and projects I've put aside while I was getting settled in this city.
I love my job but I realize that the day will come when I will have to move on so I need to keep on studying.
I got another membership for a gym (I hate to excercise at the gym but there isn't much of an option right now) and this time I'm affraid I'm actually working out.
And let's not forget that I need to get ready for 2010. I have great plans for that year!!! Watch out Europe!